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Hey Friend! First, let me say I'm so excited to have you here with me. Life is meant to be explored and shared together, so I'm very excited you're here. My name is Mary and I'm averagely curious. I'm crazy passionate about travel, adventures, meeting new people, pets, God, video games, etc. What can I say, I'm a life enthusiast and that enthusiasm isn't limited to just my life, it also extends to yours.


I believe with my whole heart, instead of accumulating possessions, we need to have new experiences and make memories. We need to fill our lives with stories. These are the things that enrich the spirit and teach us more about who we are. As much as I love exploring, I've discovered I'm equally passionate about pointing others towards their own adventures. I want to see you be an active participant in life. So, leave the dishes in the sink, the clothes in the dryer, and come be curious with me. Let's have an adventure!

Love, Mary

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