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Disclosure and Private Policy

Community Standards - does not condone any form of hate speech, lewd language of an offensive, explicit or sexual manner, and maintains the right to ban/remove/terminate memberships and accounts based on our community standards. Averagelycurious is welcoming of all persons and will maintain a safe space for all visitors. Furthermore, if you are unable to adhere to and accept any of our terms and conditions mentioned above or below, please discontinue use of this site.


Affiliate Link Disclosure - Averagelycurious will at times use affiliate links on this website which will direct visitors to different products and services and brands. I do not get paid to place these links on this site or in blog posts. I will earn a small commission on products you may purchase via these links. This is at no additional cost to you, you will not pay more for a product that I recommend. In addition, some websites and companies may offer me incentives and rewards for reviewing their products.  I will not recommend nor refer you to any product or brand that I have not personally used. Any reviews of products reflect my authentic opinion.  Visitors on this site should not feel pressured to click on or shop at any of these affiliate link sites.


External Links - Averagelycurious may direct you towards relevant external sites. The content thereon and their privacy policy is in no way shape or form associated to Averagelycurious.


Private Policy - Averagely Curious does collect any personal information that you willingly share on this site, such as name or email while using our services.  In addition, we may also collect information about you and how you interact with this site that does not disclose personally identifiable information.


Google Analytics & Ads - Google Analytics is a web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes. This is a service that records data information relevant to and the marketing strategies used here. This is information includes and is not limited to, the type of device, browser, and amount of time and visits on the site. This is information is private and is not shared and will never be sold. This information can also be used to deliver Ad servicing content based on your preferences.


Parental Discretion/legal guardian.  While is a site created for adults 18+. We do not limit or prevent minors from accessing this site, all persons under the age of 18 need to have legal guardian approval before accessing this site and creating accounts.

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