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3 Things to Do with Your Elderly Dog

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

It's inevitable, we all grow old and our beloved puppers do, too, and navigating those changes can sometimes be heartbreaking. It can be hard to watch our doggos go through periods of change, especially if things they once loved to do become difficult for them.

However, just because they might be moving a little slow and getting a little grey around the muzzle, doesn't mean your days of adventure together are over. Here are three easy ways you can still bond and enjoy your pup, even at an old age.

Car Rides

One of the great American past times was going for a drive. It was just nice to get out of the house and just go, go anywhere. This remains true for your pup. Going for a drive just to see new sights or sniff new smells is a great low impact way to add adventure to their day.

My old girls become alive with vigor when we go for a drive, running from window to window to sniff and investigate. Sometimes they are so nosy at red lights they embarrass me. Lola featured above.

Checking Out a New Trail

There are loads of websites just like this one out there with abundant trail information. Do a little research to find a trail that you think will be suitable for both of your physical needs. Nature is good for us all and it allows our pups to tap into the God-given part of their instinct. Allowing your dog to really explore a new place with their nose connects them more to the space around them, especially if they have lost/decreased eyesight.

Walking is also a good low-impact activity for old joints, which can increase the longevity and mobility of your senior dog. It's also good for you! So, take a hike or a walk, go find a lovely bench down by the river, and relax together.

Sniff and Seek

While I couldn't find a specific photo of my pups playing this one, it is a fan favorite in our house. Take your doggos favorite treat and hide it in the house or throughout the yard. We usually like to play this game with our girls in the winter after a big snow. We break apart their favorite treats and toss them all over the yard.

On most occasions, the treats sink down into the snow, forcing the dogs to have to put out a little more effort to get to them. They seem to carry themselves with a sense of pride having hunted down their reward.

Greenies and homemade treats are our go-to treats for this game.

Got a favorite game you like to play with your pup? Tell us about it in the comments section.

As always, keep it safe, keep it cool, and stay curious.

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