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Bear Rock Trail

Rating: Easy

Location: Near Dungannon Virginia

Distance: 0.4 miles in and out

If you're looking for an easy hike with an incredible view, Bear Rock Trail is a great place to explore. Perched upon this ledge you feel like a true pioneer, peering out across the wild sweeping views of the mountain landscape. On all of my visits here, I have seen hawks and buzzards soaring carelessly across the sky, add that to the mountain backdrop and you have a picturesque scene.

The trail is rated as easy and I agree that it is, but let me note a couple of things. I find the trail rating in regards to this location a bit misleading. The trail isn't very long and it's not hard cardio-wise. However, there are some roots and rocks you'll have to navigate. More importantly, this trail parallels a pretty significant cliff edge. This edge ranges in distance from the trail at various points, but the closer you get to the cliff face, naturally the closer the edge gets, which will conclude with you standing on a rock surface with sheer drop-offs on either side.

There are no guard rails and no warning signs, consider this your official warning.

In the event, you are exploring with kiddos and doggo's you might want to keep close tabs on them in this area. The trail has a small technical spot that you'll have to maneuver around. For some, this won't even be worth the mention but for others, you might have to get creative when working through it.

Try Tam's signature move, the Rollie Pollie. Use your purse as a counterweight to adjust your landing.

As you make your way out towards the last and final ledge for that epic view, please be mindful of the fissures between rocks. Don't look down, just jump that's my motto.

My dogs did fantastic on the trail, but I was genuinely nervous about having them with me. I have taken them to this location twice, on both occasions, I did not feel comfortable having them there. I consider it high risk, with too many opportunities for tragedy.

Don't be fooled by the pictures, these were taken in a very controlled manner. Just be safe and have a wonderful time.

As always, keep it safe, keep it cool, and stay curious.

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