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Christmas Gifts for Dogs

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Friends, I'll tell you the truth, when it comes to Christmas, there are more gifts around our tree for the dogs than there are for people we love and care about. To an old grinchy heart, this might sound crazy. You know what's crazy? Not capitalizing on the holiday season. Christmas season usually means sales! So, it's a great time to stock up on much needed doggo essentials.

She was happy until I added the bow.

While I appreciate getting new supplies at a discount price, I can't deny the fact I love giving my dogs gifts. Honestly, I probably love it more than they enjoy getting them. On Christmas, they are so excited about shredding boxes, ripping paper and the new toys that await them. They usually enjoy it so much, we let them open our gifts too.

Because I am always telling stories about my girls, I tend to get asked a lot of dog related questions. Around Christmas time, these questions usually come from the people who identify as Grand-dog-parents or the aunt of a beloved pooch. People genuinely want to give good gifts to the dogs in their lives and the owners who adore them.

So this year I have comprised a list of my top recommendations and we shall call it - Puppers Puptastic Awesomeness Christmas - PPAC for short. Let's get started.

Treats & Food


I give these to my girls in an effort to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Additionally, Greenies are softer than some treats and chews, which makes them safer for little chompers or old ones. They are also easier to digest. My girls love them so much they have learned the word Greenies.

Jolly Joints

While I have switched my dogs food over the years as they move through different stages in life, the last couple of years we have been giving them Jolly Joints in an attempt to focus on arthritic related issues.

Busy Bones

Another treat they enjoy, though I do not buy any treat with rawhide. It's hard to get a decent picture of them, when they're busy chomping down on these treats.


Kong Squeaky Ball

This is Lola's favorite thing in all the world and they take a pretty decent amount of abuse. I will note, it is important to get the appropriate size ball for your dogs. A ball too small could be a choking hazard and one too big is kind of pointless. I use a medium size ball for my girls.

Everyday Living & Utilities

Poy Pet Dog Harness

This is by far my favorite harness for the girls. This may not be an issue for others, but I was constantly getting previous harnesses tangled up. This often times meant that it would be a frustrating process just to get the girls ready for an adventure. I also didn't like how some of them rubbed my girls in certain spots especially under the legs and chest. We've had these for over a year now, and lots of adventures between. I love them because they are so easy to use.

Active Pets Back Seat Cover

This is probably my favorite pet related purchase. My girls are fur producing machines and that fluff gets everywhere. We spend a good chunk of our time having adventures, which means traveling to locations where we get dirty and wet. I can honestly say this product does exactly what it says it does. I can easily unclip this cover to make room for a person to sit. If you look through my blog posts, you will see it in every picture that includes the dogs in the vehicle.

Dog Food Container

Although this isn't necessary, I believe it makes the area look more tidy and well managed than a bag of dog food sitting around. I also have many pets that are prone to get into things. Having a lid on the food is helpful.

Orthopedic Dog Bed

Over the years, we have had many beds, but again, as aging issues have arisen, we have had to branch out and try new things. I got this bed specifically for Lola as she was having the most hip issues. However, it is enjoyed by both dogs and the cats. Its a 4 out of 4 paws for this one.

Grooming & Wellness

My girls have big fluffy double coats, which produces a good amount of fur on a normal day, but seasonally they shed their coats. Which translates to a huge amount of time spent grooming them. Here is my list of my personally used grooming products. (I will not include pictures of them individually as there are quite a few of them, but rather one big picture ).

Safari Dog Rake -

Safari Shedding Blade -

Safari Nail Clippers -

Mushers Secret - Helps protect dogs paw pads from heat, cold and rough terrain.

Yumove - A joint supplement to keep your dog moving and active.

Doggy shoes/Boots

The health and condition of your dogs paw pads will help them be able to enjoy their adventures with you. Dog shoes are great for hiking, especially in areas with rough rocks, even frozen dirt can be painful to their paws. User note: when first wearing them, give your dog some time to adjust. We did get a kick out of our girls running all sorts of silly with these on, but make sure they're comfortable before going on any long adventures.

I do not buy my dogs treats for my girls from China and while I try to avoid toys from there also, I will point out that Kong does manufacture some of their toys in China. However, they state these are all inspected in the U.S. before going to market. If this is something that is really important to you, be sure to check for labels.

While I Sometimes buy toys for my dogs that contain fluff or cotton, I mostly avoid these now. Lola is really the only pup who plays with toys, but she and Ely will partner together to shred them apart and pick the stuffing completely out. I don't like cleaning up the mess, which is why I tend to avoid these.

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