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Fallout 76/ Road Trip

So, you've been surviving the wasteland of Appalachia, fighting ghouls, super mutants, claiming workshops, and out running or boldly gunning down the Scorch Beast. But, have you left the vault to go out and explore the real wild world of West Virginia? If not, here are the must see, real life locations out of Fallout 76 that I encourage you to go out and explore.

The New River Gorge Bridge

It's a beautiful location in the game with hiking trails nearby and lots of feral ghouls to conquer and the ever annoying blood bugs. The good news is, you can visit this location without the hassle of being mauled and enjoy the epic beauty, hiking trails, river activities, and majesty of the bridge.

Point Pleasant, West Virginia

On my trip to Point Pleasant, I found no cultists and the roof tops of the buildings appeared to be sniper free. What I did find was a cool little town with lots of history, quaint little shops, and an epic waterfront for chilling. I will also note, I did not find the Mothman.

Cranberry Glades Botanical Area

In game, I find this one of the most annoying locations with the hoard of Mirelurks, of various kinds including Queens and Kings, which makes a stroll down the beautiful board walk less peaceful and more deadly. If you were to go there today, you'll find that it is absolutely beautiful, peaceful, and in its own way, otherworldly. The biggest threat here is bears, who have been known to casually meander the board walk and you'll see warnings and photos of such as you start your journey down the path.

I died so many times at Cranberry Glades trying to get pictures of this area for you guys. Oh, I started getting pretty rotten about getting eaten up by Mirelurks. Yet, at one point when I re-spawned into the parking lot, I had an I am legend moment. As this mannequin that was not there previously, popped up, which had me asking "What are you doing out here FRED??"

Green Bank Observatory, Green Bank West Virginia.

In the wasteland, you'll find this marked on your map as part of the National Isolated Radio Array. However, it is identical to the main dish located at the Green Bank Observatory.

These are just a few stopping locations for your to check out. However, real locations that are also included in the game are Charleston, Seneca Rocks, Berkley, and the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, just to name a few. Did you know the Flatwoods monster you encounter in game is based off real life testimony of an event that happened in 1952?

Thanks for stopping by.

As always, keep it safe, keep it cool, and stay curious.

If you enjoyed this post, be sure to like and share. Also, comment below with some of your favorite West Virginia locations both in and outside of the game.

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