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Four Reasons to Adopt a Shelter/Rescue Pet

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Saving a Life

When you adopt a shelter animal, you are quite literally saving a life. You have the power to liberate an animal not only from the stressful environment of a shelter but from death to life. It's estimated there are 3 million dogs and cats euthanized in America each year. You might read that statistic and then think, "well, saving one isn't doing very much." It's true, if you're only looking at the numbers, saving one isn't that impactful. However, I encourage you to look at it another way. While adopting a dog or cat might not change the world, you are, however, completely changing theirs.

Gus, found abandoned with his mother at a dumpster and saved by Paws. Adopted from Paws.

Making a Difference

While it is true that by adopting a pet you can now give them a life of love and happiness, it is also true that by adopting from shelters you can help put a stop to puppy mills. Puppy mills are inhumane facilities, with poor living conditions and limited care. They produce pets that are also more prone to disease. The animals are bred for quantity and not quality. Mother dogs are often times kept in cages and pens covered in their own feces. These are not the adorable little puppies you see in the pictures from happy homes. These are animal abusers who simply use adorable pups to charm you. So, by simply adopting from shelters, you're taking business away from people who have no business to be breeding animals. For your own educational purposes, I suggest researching puppy mills though I warn you, viewer discretion is advised.

Zeus was given a new lease on life when he was adopted. He is now a proud older brother to Xander, his hooman.


Animals are so much smarter than we give them credit for. I can assure you, whatever little beast you save from a shelter or take from a rescue will know you have saved their life. They are so abundantly grateful and they show it to you every day with all the love they can give. They are so thankful that you chose them.

Lola was rescued from neglect and abuse (adopted from RSPCA in the U.K.)

Save Yo Monies

Buying a pet can be pretty outrageous, some folks have spent well over $1,000 for a dog or cat. The part that is interesting here is that shelters are full of purebred cats and dogs. Oftentimes, shelter pets get dissed for being street mutts or feral cats. This is not the case. You can find every breed of dog or cat you'd like to find in a shelter for insanely low prices. Of course, it goes without saying, yes, mix breeds, strays, and ferals are in there, too. So, go adopt a shelter or rescue pet and take that extra $700 and go have a beautiful adventure together. I could think of no better way of bonding with your newest family member.

Squeak was adopted from a kill shelter as a kitten.

Have a shelter pet? Comment below and share your story.

Want to help animals in crisis? Consider donating to or a no-kill shelter near you. You can also share this post and help educate others on pet adoption. Together we can make a difference!

Stay Pawsome

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