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Guide to Visiting Snowshoe, West Virginia

It doesn't matter the season, if you enjoy relaxing in natural beauty or outdoor activities Snowshoe, WV is the place for you. It's the perfect place to unwind and disconnect, and I mean that quite literally. You can expect to not have cell reception here due to it being in the midst of the National Radio Quiet Zone. Hotels and restaurants do have wifi, if you long to reconnect with your crazy ex whom you're trying to escape from.

To learn more about the National Radio Quiet Zone click here:

Snowshoe is perched up in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia. Its location grants you pristine mountain vistas, and the beauty doesn't stop there. The drive to and from Snowshoe to surrounding areas has you traversing the Highlands Scenic Highway. The highway is plentiful with pull-off locations, hiking trails, and yes once again, the incredible mountain views.

Snowshoe is considered a ski resort, but you could also describe it as a small town. Snowshoe village has a chapel for church, a small grocery store, shops, and restaurants, all within reasonable walking distance. There are a variety of lodging options, from hotels to cabin rentals and lodges.

Depending on the season of your visit, the main attractions will alter slightly. Naturally of course, in the winter the happening activities are snow-related, skiing, sledding, snowboarding, and snowmobiling are available just to name a few. In the summer, it's hiking, mountain biking, fishing, disc golf, horseback riding, etc. RZR (side-by-side) off-road side-by tours are available for all seasons.

If adventure isn't your speed and you prefer a more relaxing vibe, enjoy the fine dining and the spa. Cozy up to the fireplace with a relaxing book, while you recharge from a glorious shopping spree. Hey, you deserve to be pampered! Treat your fine self to a nice getaway.

On our visit, we stayed at the Corduroy Inn and were completely satisfied with the room, the service, and location, literally no complaints. One thing to mention, when we visited we arrived after closing hours and so there was no staff available at our hotel.

We were instructed via a sign on the door to travel up the road to check-in at the Allegheny Springs Hotel. We weren't expecting this and it caused a slight dash of confusion as we didn't have cell service, it was dark, and we didn't know our way around the area. We did end up finding our destination for check-in without too much hassle.

I only mention this, as it might be something to inquire about if you plan to arrive after hours at your lodging facility.

After a storm rolled through we had to get creative to navigate a fallen tree. It was nice to see people come together. People used what they had available in their vehicles to remove branches, allowing cars to pass.

We loved our adventures at Snowshoe, although it was not our main reason for visiting. Snowshoe is so close to various other points of interest that we spent most of our days exploring the wilds of West Virginia and our nights in the village. It is worth mentioning that even though we visited in the summer, several storms blew through that made it chilly enough in hoodies.

The Appalachia Kitchen was so yummy, but you should anticipate a wait time here, even with reservations (especially in the winter). Snowshoe is a very happening place and like most places, Covid is putting a strain on restaurants and lodging in busy locations.

The Pizza Slice - Wood Fired Pizza, was a great pick-up location. They had plenty of outdoor dining, that would provide a tremendous dinging atmosphere, but due to severe inclement weather, we had to take ours to go. If you stay at the Corduroy Inn, these two dining options are just adjacent to your lodging as well as the chair lifts.

Ready to go experience Snowshoe? Start planning your trip by clicking the link:

Well friends, I wish you happy adventures!

As always, keep it safe, keep it cool, and stay curious.

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