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Lola's Bucket List

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

I was overwhelmed with questions circling in my mind regarding the remaining amount of time I had left with Lola. As her life was so obviously coming to an end, I stressed and lamented about what I knew would inevitably find us.

The one thing I did know for certain is that I wanted to give my girl a life time of experiences that she had yet to have in whatever time we had left. In the end, it wasn't all I wanted to give her, but it was full of love.

So with no time to spare, and life's light slowly dimming in on us, we lived, and we lived fully in every moment together and this is what we did.

I explored a new state park.

I took the time to sniff all the early blooms of spring as well as curiously studying little bugs in the grass.

I went to the beach for the first time, the ocean was crazy. I hate to admit it but I wanted to kill some of the seagulls, and I also tried to eat a dead jellyfish.

I took a sip of the ocean and thought it tasted horrible. I tried it two more times before I figured out this water always tastes yuck. Lots of people thought I was adorable and they came over to give me hugs and loves. I kind of liked it, but I just mostly wanted to kill seagulls.

I didn't always feel like eating, but when I did, I got to eat whatever I wanted. This means I was offered a lot of things which I declined, but I was always happy about steak. Yes Please!

Sometimes I was in the mood for Ice cream.

My mom was excited to offer me my very first official pup cup. I didn't like it, but I kind of licked at it to appease her. My sister ate it all in one gulp, shes a pig.

I got time to meet up with old acquaintances and make new friends. It's never too late for a new friend.

We watched as many sunsets as we could, and thanked God for another day.

At night I got tucked in and snuggled close to my sister, we both needed each other.

I went on several adventures to see waterfalls, some were small...

And others were great.

I dove into a few different lakes. My Mom didn't appreciate it, but she quietly allowed it.

I took my last steps on the Appalachian Trail, I've spent many days and nights on this trail. I couldn't hike it like I used to, but I still enjoyed being there one last time.

I climbed a mountain and peered out across the distance, I could see for miles.

There were days I was just to physically tired to go on a walk. On those days, I went for rides instead. I got to ride in a Mustang, every girl needs a ride in a muscle car at least once.

However, I prefer sticking my head out of the truck window.

On a particularly warm day, I went for picnic with my Mom. She had pizza and I ate some of the crust, but mostly just wanted the pepperoni's. We sat together and talked for a long time, just the two of us. I tried to eat a couple of bee's, because why not? Mom didn't approve, but overall it was good day.

I went to the dog park a few times with my sister, she was busy smelling around, as I patrolled the perimeter of the park. In my old age I'm now an expert at detecting any weak link in fencing.

I spent a lot of time with human friends, everyone came over to visit and say hello. I even went on adventures with some of them.

Some nights my Mom and I would sneak outside and watch the stars.

In the morning we snuggled and watch the sunrise. It was usually cold so we had bundle up with blankets. It was getting a little harder to get up sometimes, but Mom would help me and I did okay once I got moving. We were always thankful for a good day.

In the end it just got harder and I was too tired. On what seemed like any ordinary day, some friends came to say goodbye and just like that I crossed the rainbow bridge. I had no idea what came next, but I was told there were a few people there anxious to meet me.

As for my life, I traveled to three different countries, I explored 100's of locations in several different states. I camped, hiked, sniffed and explored. I got into a few fights and I won. I over came a difficult past and learned to accept love. Life is beautiful even when it's painful.

Lola on adoption day July/2012

Lola 7/7/210 - 4/5/22

"There is love in holding and there is love in letting go” – Elizabeth Berg

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