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My Tips for Traveling During the Covid Pandemic

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Traveling can be stressful on a good day without worrying about a global pandemic, but now there is so much to take into account, is it even worth it? The answer is yes!! I have compiled my best tips and suggestions for you based on my own pandemic adventures. Friends, we're not gonna party like it's 1999, we're gonna party like it's 2019, you know, back in the day when you could cough or sneeze and not be murdered by a mob of people.

So let's tackle it!

Book it! - Whether it's a mode of transportation, dinner reservations, hotel lodging, an event, or location. You need to book it in advance. All of these things still have Covid restrictions in place. In addition to that, many of these locations are also short-staffed, and these issues add up. This then leads to businesses limiting the number of people accessing or using their services. What this means for you is that availability gets grabbed up quickly.

Check it! - So you made your reservations, bought your tickets, and now it's just a waiting game until the fun times begin. You need to be checking your reservations frequently, especially if it pertains to a mode of travel. Airlines, trains, buses, ferries, you name it, are frequently shutting down, limiting departures, or having delays due to covid. Also, businesses and events might shut down or close entirely. Keeping tabs on your reservations keeps you one step ahead of the game. If an airline cancels a flight or delays it, you will be able to move quickly to plan a new route or book a new flight, before the rest of the folks figure it out.

Insure it! - If you have the option of getting insurance on events or locations or cancellation coverage, I recommend getting it. Concert venues, sporting events, and transportation services have the right to change, alter, and limit the number of people who use their services or access their venues. This actually happens frequently and in some cases dates and times will be changed.

Understandably, this is pretty annoying because it follows the flow of covid spread which changes from day to day. So take back a little bit of power by ensuring at the very least, you will get your money back or the tickets will be good at another date and time.

Mask up! - Regardless of your personal stance on masks, all of the things I have mentioned above have a mask policy. We personally saw many families denied entry into parks, venues, and even transportation options due to not having a mask. If you don't want to wear one, be sure to check the policy of the transportation or location you are visiting to make sure you'll be permitted. Personally, I recommend just having one on hand just in case.

Vaccination Card! - Some places require it, and I think it is likely, most international travel will as well. So if you have one, it's not a bad idea to have it with you.

Travel Kit! - Some folks unfortunately are pretty yucky when it comes to hygiene. This isn't a covid specific issue, it's a human issue. Have you ever caught a nasty stomach virus? Most of us have, but do you actually know how one goes about catching those viruses? Yeah, you should google it just for fun. Mhmmm, nasty, right?! Anyway, I recommend taking a little sanitizing kit with you when you travel regardless of covid.

In our adventures, having wipes and hand sanitizer came in handy way before covid was an issue. Whether it was cleaning up my own mess in a hotel or just wiping our hands off after touching something sticky, like a menu or doorknob, it was nice to just have the option.

Covid Travel Kit! - Masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and antibacterial wipes. I actually think most places sell something like this prepackaged and ready to go.

All of the hotels we stayed at were not providing housekeeping services until you either left or on day three of your stay. So that is something to keep in mind when tending to your own room.

National Parks! - They are crazy busy!! Plan ahead and get there EARLY! (I'm not yelling I'm emphasizing importance)

Travel Tip! - Go play in the woods. No mask, no sanitizer required, clothing-optional (kidding) - but check the laws in your state.

I know so many who miss traveling and adventure and I encourage you to plot a course, plan your steps, and go live your life. Make smart choices and have fun.

As always, keep it safe, keep it cool, and stay curious.

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