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So you really want a Husky?

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Before you even waste your time considering a husky, you need to consider a few things. Do you have time in your day to accommodate a one? After you've worked all day, will you have the energy to go for a good long walk? On weekends, would you rather sit and watch TV or go out on an all day hiking adventure? Are your free hours actually full of activities with the kids, church, school, and sports? Many adopted pets get sent back to the shelter or rescue because their families are actually too busy and too overwhelmed for them. So, be honest with yourself, only proceed if you're ready.

So, you're thinking about getting a dog and the Siberian Husky has captured your eye. Let me first start out by saying congratulations! Adding a new pet to the family is very exciting. The pull towards a husky is hard to resist, and lets be honest, what's not to love. They're beautiful dogs with a load of personality, but there is a bit more behind those famous icy blue eyes.

They're a lot of work

I'm gonna leave this one right here, because we will be referring back to it at different times. While all pets require some level of effort, there are distinct differences in breeds who require more or less. Huskies require a lot of work!


Huskies are working dogs, which means every fiber in their DNA is made for an active life style. They're meant to work and work hard, pulling a sled while running for hours upon hours. Running in a blizzard, through the mountains, and on tundras requires an insane amount of stamina, to which the husky is happy to accommodate and will do exceptionally well. Think Forrest Gump, minus the I'm tired, I'd like to go home, now. Which means if you're a decent human being and care about the welfare of your pet, you're gonna have to get up and get moving even when you don't want to or feel like it (a lot of work, see reference #1).

Burning energy


Huskies are fluff machines, they produce so much fluff, husky owners have made replicas of their dogs with just the fur they shed (NOT KIDDING). Having one in your house means fur will be everywhere, on your furniture, floors, counters, vehicles, etc. It is also not appropriate to shave huskies due to their double layer coat and lack of skin pigment. You can expect to be busy maintaining your surroundings more than you previously have (a lot of work, see reference #1).

Not good guard dogs

Huskies are social dogs and they LOVE people. I literally had a random man walk up into my house one day. He just opened the door and walked on in while my sister and I looked at him puzzled. You know who greeted him first with loves and kisses? You guessed it, my huskies.


Huskies can be known to be difficult to train. Their independent personalities prevent them from having that overwhelming urge to please. Huskies can be down right rude about how they choose to not engage with you. They aren't shy about speaking their truth about such. On a personal note, let me just say, I expected training my girls to be ridiculously hard. This is what I gathered from things I read, though I wouldn't describe my girls as difficult to train. However, I did go hard and remained consistent with training daily. I established routines for their day and we spent most of our interaction together working on behavioral training disguised as play. It might be possible that I found them easy to train because I expected them to to be terrible to train and had prepared accordingly. I did put in much work (a lot of work, see reference #1).

Lola - Straight up ignoring me, while shooting me the side eye

So, with all these negatives, why would anyone want a husky? Well, just like you think Jim in accounting is the coolest, but you loathe Bethany who works at the bookstore, personal preferences are different. Not everyone is our cup of tea and we don't all fit together as friends, and the same goes for pets. So, knowing what isn't gonna be your pup of choice is the easiest way to figure out what will be. Don't worry, you won't hurt their feelings. This is what they think about you not liking their fur and extreme enthusiasm about everything:

Family oriented

Huskies are pack oriented dogs, which means if you can accommodate their needs, they'll be a perfect family addition. They're friendly, snuggly, and love attention. They do great with children. Their deep love for their pack can also be a struggle for them when separated. Huskies can be known to struggle with separation anxiety and early training on this can help alleviate future problems/stress.

As a proud husky mom, let me say, they are the spunkiest, silliest, sassiest dogs I've ever had. We've shared so many life adventures and experiences together. While they're not for everyone, they tend to be perfect for the hearts made to love them. If you believe you have the heart made for a wild little adventurous spirit, a husky might be your perfect match. They are brilliant and amazing dogs!

Ely (L) and Lola (R)

If you adopt a Husky be sure to send us a picture and tells us in the comment section how you found one another. We'd love to hear your story. Also if you have questions, I'm happy to assist.

As always, keep it safe, keep it cool, and stay curious.

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