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Tank Hollow Falls/Cleveland Barrens

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

200 Tank Hollow Rd, Cleveland, VA 24225

It was about a year ago that we set out for an adventure here. It was a quick google search and we were off to the races. I knew very little about the area which lead to many happy discoveries. There is more here than you'll find on many of the hiking apps and google searches. So, I'm happy to include all of this for you, so that you can make the most of your adventure.

Cleveland Town Park is a note-worthy stop. Here you'll find picnic tables, a suspension bridge, and a couple of benches on the riverfront for fishing or relaxing. As you may know from previous posts, I'm not a fan of swinging/suspension bridges. I rate this one as totally doable. So don't be scurd! Also, it's handicapped friendly which is nice; most I find are not.

Look how brave we are! (lol) Somehow, these girls are always with me when we cross swinging bridges. In case you want to stop here, I've included the address below.

Cleveland Town Park : 6716 Cleveland Rd, Cleveland, VA 24225

Getting to the Falls is a little more tricky, and for that, I recommend Google. I will note, it is a sharp turn downhill to the Falls and is easily missed. I cannot express this enough! It is a VERY SHARP, QUICK TURN DOWNHILL!!

The walk to the Falls from the parking area is as easy as it gets.

Real talk - it is best to plan this trip after rain. When we went, the Falls was quite dry and as you can tell from my provided pic, it wasn't so awe-inspiring, at least in comparison to the other photographs you'll likely find if you google this location. It was still beautiful and sitting at the picnic tables, listening to the stream and the cool fall air was lovely all on its own. I highly recommend this area but I also recommend, at least for the sake of getting a note-worthy view of the Falls, wait for the rain.

By the parking area you will likely have noticed the information bulletin with more locations provided to explore. While I have not personally hiked all of these, we have hiked many of them.

When ascending and descending on the Tank Hollow Falls Trail, I do recommend caution. The rocks can be very slick at times. While this sounds like a no-brainer, I do still want to emphasize how one quick slip in this section would be a pretty terrible fall. I found the ascent up from the Falls as the worst part of all the trails.

The other trails at different times in the season can vary in vegetation. You might hit it at a point when everything has been cleaned up or when it's desperately needed for a cutback. Hiking in the fall and winter does give you that advantage over having to bushwack.

After all your adventuring, if you're hungry and didn't pack a picnic, I recommend once again Pat's Kountry Diner in Lebanon. It's only nine miles from the Falls on VA-82

Pat's Kountry Diner

1764 Main St, Lebanon, VA 24266

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