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stkprofile for something a bit different - on an older drive and i'm looking to increase the raid size.. lvm2 can be considered.. however, I'd like to get it working (with reasonable performance) before I look at 'adding size'.. has anyone done this? nomic: sounds interesting :) well TJ- it's a qlogic there is no /dev/sda1 and there's not an /dev/sdb1 either nomic: hmmm, never worked with them. Might be best to connect it to a PC to run it's own kernel, and use the kernel's built-in SATA driver looking at this - its looking as though I can do lvcreate -s -L -s -L to create a logical volume of 11TB TJ- - this can't be it.. it is the only pc on the network nomic: "The qlogic qraid driver supports connections of up to two drives in RAID-1 and RAID-5 modes, of up to ten drives in RAID-0 mode. The driver can also configure the SATA controller to be optimized for any of these modes." TJ- well.. for lvm2 - I would have thought it would have done all that is there a reason it doesn't nomic: any reason why not? TJ- - no - I don't know why using LVM2 nomic: might be worth asking in #ubuntu-server TJ- - okay hi guys i cannot login via my admin account root is disabled hannes33: how did you get this account? i created it this morning TJ- - its there.. people are interested #ubuntu-server TJ- - thanks for your time hann



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Auto Data 3.4 With Crack eleclan

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